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Owning My Own Life

Owning My Own Life
One would like to think we are at the mercy of situation; that somehow we can blame others for what we go through, but all of life is our own choices presented back to us. This is a true thing.
I have tried so many times to remain the "innocent" and vilify others, but LOVE keeps popping to the surface to remind me that the only person responsible for my life is ME. ME. ME. ME. I will rise or fall dependent on my choices and then my response to what my choices bring.
Everything I have experienced in my life (at least since I have been a decision making adult) has been orchestrated by my own inner dialogue, response to others and belief in who I am or how worthy I might be. Age and people I have met along the way have introduced lessons to me which I then get to choose how to respond to. It is in my choosing that my life unfolds, and in my choosing how to respond to EACH choice that it continues to unroll and so on and so on and so on. FABULOUS! I am not at the effect of others choices. It is a beautiful and somewhat terrifying responsibility to own my own life.