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Rocking Your Fashion Sense

Rocking Your Fashion Sense

This morning I asked my husband if I looked ridiculous.  I thought I looked pretty bad-ass, but there was that old Heather needing affirmation.  Wisely, he said, "Shut up! You look amazing."  He's a keeper, as he doesn't censor what I wear.  And I shouldn't either.  I often tell folks in the store, "Wear whatever you want!  Own it!"  I remind them that everyone else is too worried about what THEY look like to worry about what I look like.

Certainly there is a sense of confidence we can exude when we don't give a rat’s ass about what others may think of our sense of style.  Today I am wearing a long, tie dye dress, over leggings and combat boots, with a bamboo toque.  I love it.  I can't stop wearing this dress, it's just so darned comfy.

What kind of fashionista do you want to be?  Are there dresses and outfits you love, but you "don't know where you'll wear them"?  Put them on!  Wear them down the street, in the grocery store, to yoga!  Find the clothing you love and wear it out.  Be absolutely and authentically yourselves.  I plan on it!


Monika 6 days ago

What a beautiful article!
I honestly don’t care about what other people think. I dress as I feel, sometimes like a hippie with a flower in my hair, sometimes more business-like. But then, what’s really “business-like”?
It just has to be ME😊
I love your store!

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