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Life is full of serendipitous twists and turns, Fig Love is a child of happy moments. Five years ago, I needed to find work. An ex had flown and I was at a loss as to how I would support myself without a partner to share bills.

A few years before, selling the beautiful Om Grown line of clothing for my friends on Salt Spring, I observed how the clothing sold itself, so decided to start a retail store here in Nanaimo, partnering with Om Grown and their wonderful designs.

Fig was first Fig Clothing and Jewelry, opening in a 300 square foot space, full of pearls and beads from Mexico, Om Grown clothing and leggings! I was in love with my little space and all the beautiful customers who started to show up.

One of the first things that mattered to me was that I provided a wide range of sizes so all the friends could shop together, whether they were XS or XXXL. Slowly the designers came. Fig welcomed Nomads Hempwear, Brenda Laine Designs and Diane Kennedy. The racks filled every square inch of the shop until one day, when six women and a large poodle were in the shop, I saw it was time to go bigger.

Fig Love’s present location became available at the perfect time and Fig Love was born. I asked my daughter to join the business to help with the bigger space. Adena agreed and together we incorporated our business, Adena doing the lion’s share of the work, while I sew, write poetry and generally gad about. Our designs keep expanding. We try to meet at least 2 out of 3 of our personal ideals: Local, Ethical, Natural.

Retaining most of our original designers, we now also carry Blue Sky, Alchemy, Meg by Design, April Cornell, Cut Loose, and more. We are also developing our own line for Fig Love, Handmade by Heather.

We love what Fig Love is becoming. We are a safe space for all sizes, genders, ethnicities, faiths and fabulousnesses!

- Heather