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Random Thoughts on December 31st, 2022 from Mexico

Random Thoughts on December 31st, 2022 from Mexico
I think the pesticides sprayed here are slowly making us sick
And why doesn’t my Decaf Earl Grey
Taste good here in Mexico
And Judi Dench is just so gorgeous
I watched some clips of her
Not technically beautiful
Teeth slightly crooked
Lines crisscross
Her face
And yet more stunning
Than the veneered superstars
Let me be like Judi
Maybe more than even
Because graceful lines on an aging face
Is more attainable than
Healing the sick
And personal crucifixions
I was never very good at that.
After my kids’ dad died of
A neighbor told me that he
Had cancer
I’ll pray for you, I told him
And then I stopped.
Maybe you’ll be better off if I don’t.
He laughed and laughed.
Maybe that was the beginning of my questions.
But I have had too many questions
And I watched this movie last night
A bit confusing but good
A sort of existential film
And a quote stood out
We are such fragile beings
Surrounded by mountains of facts
Thank you.
The church of The Internet is a cult of the mind
Lord Google reigns
I need to drift for awhile
Yet here I am
Vomiting my beautiful thoughts
Into the internet
Like tithes
Like beautiful silver tithes to share with the world.
Heather Macleod (c) 2022