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Rover Capri

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Looking for your pants for the end-times? These next gen, motto-inspired, capris are your ride-or-die, living life on the fly, freedom fighting throw-ons for every adventure from rocking your ride to turning over your compost.  Anik took all her fave elements from leggings past, and blended them into the perfect edgy “everything leggings” with two large stealth zippered cargo pockets on the thighs with Nomads pull tabs, and “holster” yoga yoke style lines that wrap around the back to give you a great looking butt.

Why did we make this end-time pants out of bamboo and organic cotton?

Cause we love the earth, and we don’t want to muck her up just because we also like clothing. Seriously, fashion is one of the dirtiest industries, and we just don’t want to contribute. Since our inception we have continued to explore and experiment with sustainable fabrics like Hemp, Organic Cotton, and Bamboo. All Nomads Hemp Wear clothing is also certified Fair Trade.