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Breathe - Pure Oil Roller

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Eucalyptus refreshes and cleans; lemon balances, rosemary relieves symptoms of headaches and muscle aches and pains, lavender purifies and freshens, and peppermint promotes feelings of clarity and helps to relieve headaches.
Eucalyptus: A woodsy top note oil that helps relax and clear your mind. Also relieves cold & cough symptoms making you feel refreshed and energized.

Lemon: A citrus top note oil that energizes the body & mind, promoting a positive mental state.

Rosemary: A herbal middle note oil that can boost your mental energy and help you de-stress.

Lavender: A herbal/floral middle note oil that calms nerves, reduces anxiety & headaches and works as a natural sleep-aid.

Peppermint: A fresh herbal middle/top note oil that cools, refreshes and helps reduce muscle aches & pains.

100% Pure Essential Oil, Bottled Locally in Vancouver, BC.